S.C. Gilsor Construct executes tasks for roads and bridges foundation rehabilitations, instable ground consolidations and versant stabilisations.
Using soil log dedicated equipments, we execute bored minipilots and pilots, with recovering piping, shelters and chambers made with secant pilots, shelters and chambers made with wall casts, tigh seal shelters, orizontal, sub-horizontal and vertical drains, ground drainings with lint-like drains or metal collumns, draining shelters, injection for consolidation, whiterings.
In order to consolidate bridge piers or bridge abutments, we use minipilots system execution procedure (minipilots are placed in rows to create bridge troughs), as follows:
- the chamber/bridge trough are created by reinforced minipilots, in order to condolidate the bridge piers or bridge abutments that are damaged or are in danger to be damaged by the vicinity streaming or non-cohesive illuviums;
- the execution of bridge piers and/or abutments consolidation, followed by the minipilots denudation and the reinforcement foundation raft execution;
- the injection under the foundation raft is realized 7 days after concreting and in case where not placed PVC pipes during foudantion raft infusion, the chamber created by the injected minipilots is drilled by coring. In the foundation rafts are introduced PVC pipes with diameter between 40-50 mm, with slits or holes for cement suspension evacuation, named "cuffed pipes". The injection supposes two stages:
1) filling injection at low pression (1-1,5 bar.);
2) final injection with water/cement mixture.
Among the most recent jobs, we mention the consolidation/rehabilitation of national road DN 10 - 94th km, at Sita Buzaului, were 200 minipilots with 200 mm diameter were performed (a total of 2300 l.m.)
Any other executed and coordinated by the company specialists jobs are: bridge piers consolidation over the Prut river at Radauti Prut, Botosani City, soil logs and injections; national road consolidation at Magura, Buzau City, with minipilots, at total of 15.000 linear meters;, bridge consolidation on national road 15B, 38+065th km at Vanatori Neamt, Neamt City, chambers in bored minipilots and injections, at a total of 1.700 linear meters

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