Gilsor Construct Company owns a big backlog of orders, focused on the main range of provided services. We present some examples. For more details on the mentioned works, on the used technologies, materials and equipments, please use the contact information.
- bridge arm consolidation Maracineni;
- DN 10 road consolidation, at Viperesti and 94th km;
- bridge rehabilitation on DN 15 road, 217th km and 424th km, at Tulghes;
- side consolidation for Sarariei street;
- bridge arm consolidation, over Prut river, temporary bridge for removing metal bridgings at Radauti Prut;
- road consolidations on DN 28 at Strunga 55.000 m.l. pilots D500 mm;
- consolidation on DN 29D at Stauceni;
- consolidation on DN 11 at Barzulesti, including anchorages;
- bridge arm consolidation at Livezi;
- columns anchorages on D1080 at Hidrocentrala Livezeni Defileul Jiului;
- road consolidation at Muiereasca, Valcea city;
- certain city roads, bridges and platform consolidations;
- building bed consolidation for Bucharest Court House;
- church consolidations;
- soil logs for water suplies at Sambata de Oradea 250 m, Cenad de Timis 300 m, and some other over 150 soil logs between 60 and 400m depth.
- side consolidation for DN 66 road deviation area, Livezeni - Bumbesti - pilots executions, using D = 1080 mm
- fundation soil consolidation for the Falticeni Judge Court building - balast pilots execution, D = 600 mm
- Livezeni barrage kingston valve connection, the road DN66 subcrossing tunnel - protection umbrella execution on the tunnel contour, with armoured horizontal soil logs and pressured injection with liquid cement (including design)

Folow next links to have a look on some pictures on some above examples.

Bridge rehabilitations:
- Livezi
- Maracineni
- Radauti Prut
- bridge major rehabilitation on DN15 - Tulghes (Harghita)
Civil constructions:
- example
Horizontal drains:
- example
Soil logs for water supplies:
- example
- Livezeni
- example
- example
- FALTICENI judge court
- DN66 protection wall
- Borsa hill
- the Faculty of Mechanics of Iasi building extension
Coffer and drain:
- DN17 versant consolidation
- DN18
- Slanic shaft seal
- Slanic saline injection well